Monday 11 August 2014

Tawhirimatea: aerobic training

Te Papa Takaro o Te Arawa and Dr. Ihirangi Heke are out in the ngahere (forest) of Waipa, just out of Rotorua with one of the physical manifestations of Tawhirimatea.

We breathe in Tawhirimatea without a second thought and we can only last without him for a few minutes.  For instance, we can last without kai (food) for weeks, without wai (water) for a few days and without hau (air) for a few minutes.  Yet, there isn't much focus on how Tawhiri can be improved to better health and well being.

Dr. Heke describes how at certain times we can see Tawhirimatea around us and how his characterisitics and personality change according to the altitude, how intense our exercise is and so on

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